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Sufi Masters Taner and Muzeyyen Ansari


Masters Taner and Muzeyyen Ansari have been practicing the art of alternative healing for many years. Their practice is rooted in the spiritual principles of Sufism and draws from their deep experience in the practical intermingling of physical and spiritual energies. Sufi healing employs a combination of techniques that span the gamut of energy types from the repetition of beneficial words to the drinking of a healthful soup. As energy takes on many forms from the unseen to the seen, so does the practice of Sufi healing.

Master Taner Ansari is a renowned teacher of Sufism and alternative healing. He has spoken about Sufism and alternative healing on radio and television interviews, at churches, synagogues, schools and universities, among them Humboldt State University, Harvard University and Boston University.

Along with his wife, Master Muzeyyen Ansari, he has presented healing workshops not only in the US, but also worldwide in countries such as Australia, the UK, South Africa, Tanzania and Bosnia. He and his wife founded the Ansari Institute of Sufi Healing (AISH) to teach healers, health professionals and anyone else interested in the healing arts.

Master Taner's Alternative Healing: The Sufi Way has remedies and health tips for those interested in spiritual healing. As a healing practitioner, he sees patients in his office and also practices remote healing. As an ordained Sufi shaykh, he holds regular lectures and congregational zikr and gives weekly talks internationally through live online classes on the Internet.

He is currently writing a sequel to his Alternative Healing book. He and his family reside in upstate New York.

Master Muzeyyen Ansari is a second-generation healer. Along with her husband, Master Taner Ansari, she has presented healing workshops in the US and abroad and has been interviewed on the radio about spiritual healing. She and her husband founded the Ansari Institute of Sufi Healing (AISH) to teach the healing arts.

Master Muzeyyen has edited and written many articles on Sufism and healing. As a healing practitioner, Master Muzeyyen works together with her husband, seeing patients and doing remote healing. She is also an ordained Sufi shaykha, who gives lectures and leads congregational zikr locally and on the Internet.


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