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Ansari Publications Books and Workshops on Sufism and Alternative Healing


Ansari Publications welcomes you to the world of the Sufi lifestyle. Our goal is simple: to help you to get back to your essence and to offer knowledge about it. We publish books from a Sufi perspective in order to help people understand Allah/God/The Absolute in order to have a real, living relationship with the Creator. We wish to give comfort, motivation and knowledge of how to be happy in this world and in the next.

Along with spiritual fulfillment, we believe that leading a healthy life is the key to a rich and fuller existence. Furthermore, we deem it of crucial importance that everyone share responsibility for the present and future well-being of the human race and actively contribute to the protection of our earth. Therefore, we are committed to disseminating knowledge through books and workshops related to the Sufi tradition and also to health and alternative healing methods as well as sustainability issues. Ultimately, all our initiatives are designed to provide comfort, motivation and deep understanding of how to live an accomplished and happier life with respect for all human beings and in harmony with nature.

The mission of Ansari Publications is, in short, to serve humanity in a Sufi way.

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