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Ansari Publications Books and Workshops on Sufism and Alternative Healing



Ansari Publications welcomes you. We publish books and present workshops on Sufism and alternative healing. To learn about our mission, please visit about us. Information about upcoming workshops will be posted on this website. Information on our books on Sufism and alternative healing is available here.

If you are interested in a personal healing consultation, please contact us. During our workshops abroad, alternative personal healing consultation contact information will be given along with the information on the workshops.

For information on upcoming workshops in South Africa, click here (pdf file). You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view. Download Acrobat.

We are pleased to announce our newest publications!

Survivng 2012 & Beyond Surviving 2012 & Beyond is a compilation of useful information and techniques designed for the average person to be able to prepare for and survive emergency situations. It is also a handy resource for tips on how to live in a self-sustaining way whether or not disaster strikes.
living sufism ebook Getting Out of the Way: Living Sufism is about thinking, learning, and understanding (gnosis) that what lies before you is your teaching and is divine and has a purpose.



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