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Thank you for Contacting Ansari Publications



Please contact for general information or to schedule workshops.

To schedule a personal healing consultation please contact
Sheila Khadija Ansari tel: (707) 318-4240

For information about summer/fall workshops in the US please contact
Kevin Germain tel: (413) 527-1907 or (413) 297-4907 Please note: contact the The Omega Institute directly for information about the July 19-24 workshop tel: (877) 944-2002

For information on our fall/winter 2009 workshops in the UK, please contact
Khaled Hakim, or tel: ++44 (0)7954 601372

To schedule a personal healing consultation in the UK during our fall/winter 2009 workshop season, please contact
Rita Goolamhossen, or tel: 07941653337